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  1. How much longer are you guys going to continue to ignore players that are beyond rude, and GM's that do nothing to stop it? He we see Brian.. and Brian II cussing a player, the GM Neoma does nothing more than warn with a "Brian"... Brian then states he will try but cannot help cussing in world chat, less that 2 minutes later this is evident when he asks Neoma to chat ban a player that is breaking zero rules, then when I mention he is the one swearing he jumps me and cusses me... I PM GM neoma to see if she can stop this, her response is to send a ticket to help... What is the point of a chat moderator that doesn't do their job???? If the GM chooses to put their friendship with the individual breaking the rules before enforcing the rules, they should not be a GM. It is extremely evident that this occurs on a vast scale as some players that know they are "in good" with a GM start acting and talking the way they want which is always against the rules, but then when the abused players try to get it stopped, the "friendly" GM does nothing to stop it and the abuse continues as is seen in the screen shots... escalating from abusive language to threats,,, threats this individual had made to myself in the past then proceeded to use his stronger character to kill me over and over in CTB, doing this about 15 time bragging the whole time about how I was getting what I deserved because I spoke out against the abuse.... Crea... do something to end this abusive tyranny, do something to end GM's favoritism... how can us lower lvl players enjoy the game and spend more money on a game where players constantly get away with this kind of abuse of others?