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  1. How much longer are you guys going to continue to ignore players that are beyond rude, and GM's that do nothing to stop it? He we see Brian.. and Brian II cussing a player, the GM Neoma does nothing more than warn with a "Brian"... Brian then states he will try but cannot help cussing in world chat, less that 2 minutes later this is evident when he asks Neoma to chat ban a player that is breaking zero rules, then when I mention he is the one swearing he jumps me and cusses me... I PM GM neoma to see if she can stop this, her response is to send a ticket to help... What is the point of a chat moderator that doesn't do their job???? If the GM chooses to put their friendship with the individual breaking the rules before enforcing the rules, they should not be a GM. It is extremely evident that this occurs on a vast scale as some players that know they are "in good" with a GM start acting and talking the way they want which is always against the rules, but then when the abused players try to get it stopped, the "friendly" GM does nothing to stop it and the abuse continues as is seen in the screen shots... escalating from abusive language to threats,,, threats this individual had made to myself in the past then proceeded to use his stronger character to kill me over and over in CTB, doing this about 15 time bragging the whole time about how I was getting what I deserved because I spoke out against the abuse.... Crea... do something to end this abusive tyranny, do something to end GM's favoritism... how can us lower lvl players enjoy the game and spend more money on a game where players constantly get away with this kind of abuse of others?
  2. Roulette of Fortune

    Asking to file in Help tab, then asking for Proof, but offering no way to add proff to that query is a great example of how the game doesnt really give a care one way or another... they ask for proff, then when you cant send any because the option is not available, this is their loophole... no proof... no help... Great way to tell your customers to suck it up!
  3. Ask GM Pie... they are the one that spread the news that the Russian servers have more that the American and European servers.
  4. Roulette of Fortune

    so far... 760 wasted gold shown in this thread so far at a dollar cost of around $35.... Theft is theft Crea! These people spent real money to get these rewards you refused to give them. No response to the thread shows blatant refusal to admit your games glitch... this constitutes as looking the other direction hoping the issue goes away. I don't care how you look at it... when players spend their money to play a game that say it offers rewards, then when the game glitches and you don't respond in over 2 weeks... that is THEFT of those players hard earned money.
  5. Roulette of Fortune

    they contact each other and communicate through Skype
  6. You would think that they would at least allow a toon to reach red or yellow rank if they are done at lvl 141. Would only make sense if this is as high as you can go, then offer higher star ratings for the main character so that it =can achieve at least one star better that the support characters.
  7. Heard from a GM... apparently on the Russian Servers all the fixes we ask for are done, and all the content we want is there, So it makes it appear as if they care about the game, just not the servers we play. If you are Russian, you get all the content through 160+ and no bugs to speak  of... every suggestion we make here is applied to there and ignored here... so it really shows they could care less about American and European servers and just want our money to fix and upgrade the servers they supply their countries people. Not sure how biggot or racist this seems to the rest of you, but seems like they are really giving us the fisting on purpose... you guys spend hundreds of dollars a week so why should they make changes? You guys get tired of not going anywhere in the game so you start a new toon on a lower server and sink even more hundreds of dollars into that one... on and on the players continue to enable this game to treat them like refuse, you complain, but you still spend money... Why should Crea fix anything as long as their idea of what the game is for is not broken... They still get tons of money out of all the players, so they need fix nothing!
  8. Roulette of Fortune

    Wow.... just wow!
  9. Roulette of Fortune

    and the game gets even more absurd
  10. yes this is very disturbing... to think that us players spend combined thousands and thousands of dollars to improve their characters for what???? just to find out in the end that game goes no where, doesn't even have a finishing story, and doesn't provide rewards once we achieve the lvls we worked months and months to build for. I agree with above statements... I too have heard you guys say over and over that new improvements were "hopefully" coming... That new content was being "worked" on... that things will get "better"... but all we see is them taking our money without issue and giving nothing in return.... no "sales" on gold purchasing.. no "sales" on items... no fixed bugs... no added content... nothing but: Here's what you get so deal with it. What a colossal waste of time! What a colossal waste of money... and what a colossal waste of TRUST in a company that just lies to us keeping us hanging on just to merge, add servers, merge, add servers, merge, add servers... and on and on... the ONLY new content you are adding is different named servers by the dozens dragging players into a game that has no end game. This is a high level abuse of Trust that we as players have put in CreaGames... Makes me think... is this even created by Crea, or did they buy it out and don't know how to add or fix??? You got your cash, let us have what we gave it to you for!
  11. I have been the target of extreme rude behavior and foul Language... The player Loralai for unknown server had bad mouthed me in camp chat as well as targeted me and cussed me in PM as you can see in the following screenshots. I had not "stolen" any gov and was going for my battle target when Loralai accosted me with the following... when asking her to please watch her language she replied with the private message, this was immediately followed by Brian from unknown servers inexcusable verbal abuse and targeting as well as show... If anything can be done to eliminate this type of treatment of myself and others, it would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your attention in these matters.   Hello! Thank you for the information. We will implement measures.
  12. High Levels

    I agree with CreaGames here... A game is created by the developers... if said developers gave away all leveling info, stats, and progression equations... what is there for the player to figure out? I believe a game that makes you find your own strategy in order to maximize rewards is a game well written, otherwise any average player off the streets can start a game and get all there is without any thought or work. The individual that takes the time to fully understand a game is the same person that becomes top players in same game. It cannot be expected to have all the games secrets thrown out to the public by the game developers. Let the players figure out the game and then choose to share that info with other players if they want to.
  13. Recruitment of Game chat moderators

    1. Your nickname in the game Tanin Waves 2. Your brawser MMO RPG game experience W.O.W. Runescape, Everquest, SWTOR, Many Facebook games, I have been a gamer for over 20 years. MMO and RPG have been my favorite games to play as character role play and social game play in my opinion is much better than hack and slash console games. 3. Main server, that you play on, and additional servers 27 Vendetta, 17 in the past 4. Why do you want to be Game chat moderator I have found that many people use chat to convey threats, foul language, and extremely aggravating spamming. It is my goal to help CreaGames moderate this form of chat abuse and maintain its stellar record and view in the publics eye. Using such tools as Translators, impartial view, and a strong background in MMO and RPG social interaction I hope to be an upstanding GM that makes the right decisions and brings those that would hurt the games reputation to justice as the Game rules dictate. 5. A little info about yourself, what do you do, what do you like and etc. I am 43 and retired due to injury. I love to fish on occasion, go to the beach to commune with nature, and spend most of my time gaming. 6. Approximate time of day in which you can monitor game chats I play on my server from 10:00-24:00 daily participating in most events, all daily goals, and inter-server events such as Call To Battle. 7. Your nickname in Skype Gnibily Treg 8. Your Gmail address (others won't fit) sacraligious@gmail.com
  14. I am concerned about the amount of incoming resources. I understand that at lower levels you acquire resources at a small rate. However, as your lvl progresses the Daily event rewards stay the same. this makes daily events next to useless after lvl 80. As I have played and built several characters on several servers I find that once you attain lvl 80 it is extremely difficult to lvl your character using cash or free to play. I have a VIP lvl 5,4, and 3 and find that even with one of my players number one on all rankings I still find lvl 80 to be the point in which I start losing interest fast.  Since this game is adamant about pushing a player to purchase gold at least a dozen different ways, maybe you guys should look into making the higher lvls worth actually continuing to play. This lack of "end game" has caused many members to quit playing, to give up spending money, and to move on to a different similar game in hopes of actually getting somewhere with their characters after working so hard to get in the upper tiers and lvls. I suggest you make a sliding level scale to Daily Event rewards making it more profitable the higher the character lvl. This way players can continue to grow and feel that their money and time are better spent playing this game vs playing another game of similar attributes. I know I would be more apt to spend more money on the game if I knew my money was going to actually help me continue to progress in the game. To spend $40 on the game at lvl 85 and gain absolutely nothing out of the expense is unfathomable yet it exists. This causes ill feelings towards the creator of the game and makes players feel taken advantage of. Our hard worked for dollars that we choose to spend on this game should have better rewards available. And as our VIP progresses in lvl, the amount of rewards gained from spending money should grow as well. The complete disregard for players is extremely evident in the responses from the Game Support. I have read many of these articles and the responses given from support, and they all fall into the "we really don't care" "we are just trying to make money" and other avenues along that same path. If all you want is money, then maybe improving the game will show that money will come in much faster if your players are happier and see better growth for their dollars.