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    Like I already responded to you in a different thread: World level is the average of top 10 players on your server
  2. Event Times

    Are you sure that the world level on your server is high enough? (average of top10 by exp.)
  3. You can't. That's the point. There isn't a definitive statement from them about it and there won't be until the game closes. The reason for that being if they actually announced: "no more updates, the game closes soon" nobody would spend money on their "game". So instead what they do is: * Cycle cash events in the same schedule, release new servers in schedule, merge new servers in schedule  * Give zero information about the updates and plans for the game * Disregard their forums (this being an example)  * Hide behind "it's up to developers, when developers". It is a nice and professional way of saying "Not going to happen" in this game. First of all - it's nowhere near up to developers - it's people in management positions that decide about it. * The finest example of the fact that the game has been discontinued is guild dungeon. The graphics and the material cost for upgrade are all there, the previous guild dungeon final stage is set to 249/249 as opposed to 250 like all the rest.  * The last update that they released after a long time of nothing and backlash of the community was something already in the game.  There is obviously more reasons than that but disclosing it on this forum isn't the best of ideas.  Nobody that's working for them will ever tell you anything because they can't. They would be fired or lose a lot of profit. Instead, they will lie or say something that while isn't a lie isn't also the whole truth.   
  4. I'm pretty sure there is no option to delete your character from the user stand-point on the Facebook version which I assume you are using. The only way this could happen is if somebody deleted your data from the game database (which means that you looking for support) but I honestly doubt they would do that in a discontinued game.  There are couple things you could consider, one would be creating another Facebook account (which mind you is against their rules and if you lose access to it, they won't help you to recover it) which I'm not 100% sure but should be fine with the administration as long as you don't play on the original account from that point. On that point, there isn't much of administration anyway and I didn't see anybody getting banned for other things then refunds (real money matters). You can also start playing on the new server. Let's say you and your friends intend to play in a dark faction and both create the character on the S321 NeverUpdate but you make a mistake and pick a light faction. Now, what you can do is create a character on S322 or S333 as in time those will get merged no matter how many players they have. Granted you will be playing without your friends for around a month (estimated) but as the servers are released on weekly basis you will only be a week or two behind your friends. Now, there's also a possibility that you can start on S336 as they will merge every server at some point if the game still exists.  See, originally I started playing on s16 but in the name of $$$ my server got merged with s17 and s18 which was really bad for anybody that wanted to play a game and good for anybody wanting to make the most out of players wallets. The servers didn't need a merge which was agreed along the board by most if not all players on them. Now, if this wasn't bad enough they then merged s10;s11;s12;s13;s14 and s15 amongst my s16. So in effect, 9 servers were reduced to 1 server and by the end of all those merges, the same amount of players are active as there were originally on s16 before the merge. Now the question is - what comes first? The game getting closed off or merging s1 (and all merged servers to s1) to the current s10 (s10-s18).   TL;DR Write a support ticket and depending on the answer or lack thereof proceed with either playing the game in the wrong fraction, leaving the game or just creating a new Facebook account. 
  5. fruit from improving steed

    Nowhere. Those are only available on new servers "special" activities which are only on new servers for couple days. Given that this game will never receive any update the only way to obtain them is to start a new character on a new server - not sure which one that would be, stopped counting as they release new every other day. 
  6. Military Contest

    When will you stop putting the same four people into four different groups every time?  Please restrain from trying to justify it by mathematics - at this point of 10-15 exactly the same parings it's obvious that there is nothing random about it. Most people are aware of you what you doing, most people know why, so please either stop doing it or be open about it.    Thank you
  7. "Updates"

    It does, or rather did.  There's this thing that provided there's 50 spins in a day you can receive free medals alongside everybody on the server. It gives you between 1 and 5 medals, usually 1.  The issue being - it requires refiled gold and at that, couple people doing it. For that reason you don't really see it on older servers since most are pretty dead. I didn't see it a lot until merge when people tried outspend each other. Currently I could buy Ice elf hair even with making mistakes using medals.  It would be nice if it allowed event gold, allowing server to work together in order to get those items but I suppose it's not gonna happen. 
  8. Mysterious Island

    No. There's nobody to be found there - check second image. As you do know Ultimate Skill of Lord directs you to the target, if there is one. 
  9. Mysterious Island

    Hello, Today I have experienced second Mysterious Island instance that was clearly broken causing me to lose medals yet again. I played with two other players and managed to reach Lord of the Apocalypse. Sadly, one of players was invulnerable to my attacks (which can be seen in the System tab) and then completely disappeared while still leaving "Remaining:1" and getting medals for staying alive till 5:00 mark.   This is the second time I lost medals due to in-game error, while I do realize this would be best resolved via Support and I would absolutely do that... It does nothing. I did just that during initial error back in June and the only thing that I received in the means of an answer was that I will get a response in two working day, again - back in June. By now due to this issues I lost 30 medals and I'm pretty sure this wasn't the last time. What exactly am I supposed to do then? Will this event be fixed, ever? Will I ever see my medals again?   First image presents the invulnerable part. This was the message I received for over minute trying to attack the player Second image presents the "Remaining:1" part - the skill of Lord of the Apocalypse is suppose to point to survivors but as can be seen on the image - it doesn't point anywhere. I also couldn't find anybody in the time.  Again, can I get my medals back please?