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  1. I'm not sure why certain snapshots kept repeating, but I apologize for it. All I can say is, I am as I am. I don't always mean to be hurtful and sometimes I'm just trying to understand what someone is getting at, since I am not always sure. I recognize how people feel I'm rude and sometimes I am. It's not always a conscious effort and sometimes it has to do with symptoms of my health issues...whether this is an acceptable reason or not, I cannot say. I don't mind my character getting killed or hit multiple times or if people disagree with me, what I do mind is when these things are done with personal intent to harm or upset. 
  2. sorry about the repeat...don't know why that happened.
  3.   Just for a little context, I accidentally "stole" fb ghost had claimed on pipi. I had not read this and tried to laugh off the mistake. Ghost has since attacked me repetitiously in ctb and in MI every day from this convo on. People support this action despite the fact of it not being entirely justified. I'm not the most pleasant person and I'm not easy to get along with. However, I had only attacked pipi once that day and once a few days prior. She said I was picking on her and I was not. I was expressing an opinion opposite to hers. As for ghost, he has stated how he will continue to target me so long as I keep "running my mouth" (i.e. say anything he disagrees with). I will point out that I won't even say anything and he will still target me...continuously kill my character until it is in cd...a few or more times in a row. 
  4. I know this is not helpful or constructive in any way. However, this post made me laugh and I really needed to laugh. I recognize how this is a significant problem within the game, among other things. Thank you, Zeva, for bringing it to light. Hopefully, they will act on this issue.
  5. High Levels

    erm...just realized I put "statics" instead of "statistics"...apologies. 
  6. High Levels

    Jasper, you gave them a perfect way to deflect from the original issue...unintentionally of course. While I can agree with the idea of how they should allow the players to discover tactics and statics on their own, it isn't really what the original topic was regarding. The point is people are getting bored and there aren't any signs of game improvement. This game asks a lot of the player's time, money, and energy. When there is more being taken than given and little to no indication of the game expanding, there isn't much to motivate people to keep playing. This is at the crux of the problems, but there are more. Aside from getting useless updates on new servers being open, communication between the developers and the players is ambiguous, vague, and full of pacification. You, the developers, say you can't be bothered to give out information individually. I'm not even sure what you're trying to imply here. Are you suggesting that people want to know your "little" secrets? What we want is some kind of suggestion that you are going to do more with this game than simply run it dry. I don't think asking for you to explain how you plan to improve upon it, as in what parts of the game are going to be updated or corrected, is unreasonable in any way.  I can think of many reasons why a company would be so secretive, some of which are not very flattering. The people who play this game are not fools. The main reason most of us stick around is because of the social interaction and friendships we've developed. This is not enough, as is evident by people leaving little by little. If you don't find a way to compromise with your players, your game is doomed to fail. You need to improve and expand upon it. You can continue to be willfully ignorant about the problems your game has or you can try a develop it to be more efficient and productive for the people playing it. Obviously, it is your choice on which route you choose, but I hope you will listen and act upon the criticisms being given to you.
  7. You do understand how I already explained your point, right? I specifically typed this out in an objective non-personal way to point out this particular flaw in the game, not as an attack on you. Reiterating what I said then making justifications for it, does not create a solution. I think it is ridiculous, which by the way is a word I can't type out since it's filtered, they don't have a way to accommodate those who speak other languages. Othello had said he used google translate to communicate in English. I don't know if you've used it or not, but I can tell you it is a pain. He can't just copy and paste. He has to go back and forth between the game and the translator to type everything in. This can be time consuming and tedious. It isn't right how in order to speak and converse with others over WC, he is forced to do this every time he needs to say something. Instead of being able to talk with someone who understands his language briefly through these means. There is no other option for him or others like him, which is what my issue is. I thought I made that very clear in my original statement. I will point this out, again, since it seems to have missed you.  I understand how the words are translated from Russian to English. The fact of how we can't use words that are appropriate in English because they are offensive in Russian doesn't strike you as the least bit ironic...when considering this topic? Another piece of irony is how it is to prevent the use of foul language and yet there are words that are inappropriate words to use in English which slip through because they aren't deemed inappropriate in Russian. These are things they could easily fix, if they gave even a half a thought about improving this game...or took the time to listen to critiques of their customers. The fact is, I posted this because it bothered me how the game rules essentially ostracize and limit players outside of English speaking countries while hypocritically not adhering to these standards by actually formulating the filter to correctly recognize appropriate and inappropriate words in English. Let me repeat, the game creators made and have been neglecting these issues. You were implementing the rules and I used the screenshot to inquire about them. I'm sorry you took it personally, as I would have done this regardless of who applied it. Unless you have any solutions to offer, I suggest using your time more constructively. 
  8. In CTB tonight, another player chose to speak in his native tongue (spanish) in World Chat. I, unfortunately, didn't save a screenshot of GM Neoma Llama's initial response before it was no longer accessible, but she had stated how only the English language is allowed in World Chat. She had confirmed how the reason behind this was people may say inappropriate things in another language. If I do say so myself, the current derogatory language filter catches and filters words that are appropriate to use and doesn't filter words that are actually inappropriate. In any case, when this other player continued to speak in the language he felt most comfortable with, the screenshot below shows GM Neoma Llama's response.     Are people truly not allowed to speak in a language other than English in World Chat? If so, shouldn't there be a translating program easily accessible within the game so players may comply more efficiently and effectively? It seems discriminatory to punish or "mute" players simply because they don't speak the same language.   
  9. Game Crashed

    This has happened twice now. Refreshing the page does not work and there doesn't seem to be any information on whether the issue is being addressed on or not. Thank you for your time