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    If you click on rankings it will tell you what the server level is. It does not matter if a few players are in the 80s, it's a collective number from the whole server to  work on.
  2. "Updates"

    No, sorry, they don't inform us of updates
  3. "Updates"

    Yes, I know they are still working on fixing the loot, I'm sorry it is taking so long :(. Glad they at least took care of the gold issue.
  4. "Updates"

    About the reward subject (since I haven't caught you in game!) my boss said they hope the staff can get to it this weekend, so fingers crossed!
  5. Elemental

    Hmm.. Then it might be a bug on that account. Send in a ticket to support so they know there is an issue. So far on all my characters between servers I don't have the issue. Did you ask the people on your server if they are experiencing the issue as well? If so, it could be a server issue. I'll also ask on skype if they have heard anything since the maintenance.
  6. Elemental

    It's never been there on the elemental tab as everything in your bag is off to the right. The backpack is still there for the other tabs though.
  7. "Updates"

    Well, I've been working on the North fashion set and have not myself spent any money to do so,it can be done without spending. The ice set is cheap compared to the North and the guardian set. Everyone around me has to get to 50-100-200 on the return roulette wheel. Granted depending on server it may take longer than others. I wish I had been more aware of it, I only realized it last 2 months, I'd be closer to a piece or two!
  8. "Updates"

    I've already sent in a message on Skype and they have already sent a message on to higher support. As for the master's heart, each roulette needs a dud I guess. Though I would be much happier getting that then the rune box or the formation stones from the lower roulette :(.
  9. Roulette of Fortune

    I'm sorry this has happened and I understand the outrage as luck coins as I think I've only seen them usable during a tarot card event (Sorry I'm not more knowing on the subject.) I will relay this via skype and hope it is resolved. Also, maintenance this morning should have fixed the roulette issues, play let me know!
  10. Mysterious Island

    Hello Aelivian. Sorry this has happened. I've sent a note to my boss on skype about this to get her attention.
  11. Roulette of Fortune

    I will pass this along for you. I hope they can resolve your issue!
  12. Roulette of Fortune

    We still need the player's in game nickname and their ID number (which can be found in the [BUY] tab at the top of the game page) to check on the issue and work on fixing the issue and/or return the used gold.
  13. Roulette of Fortune

    Usually when they reply to your ticket to your personal email you can attach your proof to that email they send asking you for more information. I don't know why we are not getting a reply back all of the sudden from the tech support but I am trying to find out why. I myself have sent some things into the help tab recently and have yet to get a reply, which is not normal.
  14. Unprovoked Verbal Abuse

    We talked about this in PM and I even told you I was on skype asking my supervisor about the issue and what I had actually seen. I had even told you I had missed what he had said because my browser crashed. You left out where I had asked in WC what had happened because my browser had tanked. After talking to my supervisor she agreed that you should send your screen shot to the HELP tab so they could see what you seen plus the info I had documented. You left out that Abbie had made the joke "snitches get stitches" first.
  15. Roulette of Fortune

    I see. I'd like to advise you that when you send in a ticket next through the [HELP] tab the way to add a screen shot is to upload it to an image site and share the link (but I'm not 100% if they would accept a link, though I don't see why they would not as they keep telling us to have people report things through help tab with proof but offer no attach file ._.;) Let me know if it is resolved. Also still need to know if Zeva sent anything in or not.