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  1. About "Complaints"

    i am well aware nothing it does breaks any rules. was the first thing i mention. but doesnt stop the fact that everything it does is petty and mean and will cause players to leave. and while understandable if the player needs a reward. but just to simply deny another player when itself already has a reward is just mean. aka purposely kill a player when there are spare pirates. or kicking off seat in feast's airship just to deny rewards while itself already has a seat. and always right before rewards are given.   as for time, the player is almost always active for all server events up till few hours after reset. since everything is out in the open now. i wonder if the player will continue its actions or simply does them discreetly.
  2. About "Complaints"

    agreed. player 'Ashley' (and other name-changes etc. pikachu/red queen/maleficent) has done pretty much everything annoying possible (although technically within 'legal' constraints) this includes: purposely stalk/steal a particular player's pirate event kills causing players to entirely miss any rewards. multiple times in a row for long period of days/weeks. (even when there are obviously spare pirates around to kill) self-claiming a particular player is not quote "entitled to more than 2 pirates per round", thus deserve to have his pirate stolen, while killing 2 pirates himself as a result. purposely kills all other treasure-hunt lords to deny players from rewards (right before reset thus leaving empty 'seats') although itself already has lord-reward. just to deny/annoy players. purposely kicks players off tables during feast events even thou player 'Ashley' has its own seat and only does it to deny other players from getting rewards. purposely stalk/kill a particular player throughout robots event leading to players skipping the event since they cant farm. (all the while bragging how many times he has killed that player.) killing multiple governor in CTB event simply to deny rewards to players all over the servers. daily insults/lies/disinformation/troll-baits about any player/guild that player dislikes. player 'Ashley' has grieved many players into quitting the game entire. and still constantly claims its not its fault. all information listed here is truly unbiased. all observable if you spend enough time looking at the chat or actions of the player. the consistent display of need to get attention/ego with trolling attempts especially. all to create arguments/tension.  there does not seem to be a fair solution to being stuck on a server with an annoying player/tyrant setting rules on the server that only itself enforces and applies. all the while being delusion to the fact that it has cause so much grief and wonders why no players want to take part in server-events with it.