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  1. About "Complaints"

    erm firstly can you watch your language on the forum? you're not in game now. secondly, you are stronger, by a long shot, we accept that. thirdly, you missed out the part where you actively taunt people all day long and in the process, upset them, not only on s15 but across the game. the only thing we dislike is that before you grew your ego, everyone got along, it was healthy competition, now its not even fun to play for most and not because you are stronger, because of your attitude. you straight up lied just now about 'how things used to be', we were the strongest, but also helped everyone out, including your guild members, until you showed up and spoiled it for all. thankyou for showing the forum a taste of said attitude in your above post.
  2. About "Complaints"

    Unfortunately this player has taken over a guild due to the guild leader leaving (because of previously mentioned drama). Thankyou for your response and anything you can do to aid this situation, i speak for players across multiple servers when i say we will be glad to see something finally being done!
  3. About "Complaints"

    Thankyou for the reply belle, its much appreciated. The player maleficent is from server 15 and has said, in their application for game chat mod no less, that they play 11am-2am eastern, and between 12-11:30pm eastern in call to battle. They taunt and mock players in pm, world chat, and in CTB world chat daily, everytime somebody mentions their poor behaviour they just laugh about it ignoring everyone elses concerns which is just putting a bad vibe across the whole game, i understand a lot of the previously mentioned actions are not against the rules, but as a community everyone works well together and its a shame that one player is allowed to drive other to quitting the game simply because the rules allow them to. Thankyou again for responding, this issue has been going on far too long for all of us!
  4. About "Complaints"

    As SarazinSky and Melek have both said above, there is a player that many, many people all agree needs dealing with. This player is from server 15 and called maleficent (previously pikachu/red queen/ashley), he/she has managed to drive so many players to quitting our server that now it is like a ghost town. some of the players that quit were vip6/7 crea so this player maleficent is losing you money by his/her actions, you need to start taking notice or soon more of us players who spend money will quit too.  I also know from what i see in call to battle, that higher VIP players are also very unhappy with him/her, so he/she has managed to upset people across all servers, not just ours. please take notice of this post and the above posts and deal with this player. Even his/her own guild members have started to slowly quit or leave because or the drama that has been caused as a direct result!