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  1. On 2/22/2017 at 9:26 PM, Jasper Lewis said:

    Boosting Gain Per Attempt:
    +1: 6-9 (meter caps at 83) [Boost succeeded at 36 with 6 feathers]
    +2: 7-10 (meter caps at 187) [Boost succeeded at 88 with 12 feathers]
    +3: 8-11 (meter caps at 418) [Boost succeeded at 105 with 12 feathers]
    +4: 10-13 (meter caps at 759) [Boost succeeded at 196 with 18 feathers]
    +5: 11-14 (meter caps at 1468) [Boost succeeded at 748 with roughly 62 feathers]
    +6: 12-15 (meter caps at 1857) [Boost succeeded at 1517 with 114 feathers]
    +7: 13-16 (meter caps at 2952) [Boost succeeded at 819 with 58 feathers] 

    Jasper, this makes me want to hug you soooo much... 282 feathers.. good lord I wish!

  2. On 6/17/2016 at 6:37 AM, Forum administrator said:

    1. Your nickname in the game


    2. Your brawser MMO RPG game experience

    It'll age me a bit, but playing MMO's since Ultima Online in 1997.. so 20 years.

    3. Main server, that you play on, and additional servers

    S15 with rarely used alt on S9

    4. Why do you want to be Game chat moderator

    to help keep the game friendly and fun for all.

    5. A little info about yourself, what do you do, what do you like and etc.

    I work from home so I have no problems with being online at almost any given time.  When I'm not working I am playing video games.  I have the boring life.

    6. Approximate time of day in which you can monitor game chats


    7. Your nickname in Skype


    8. Your Gmail address (others won't fit)




  3. *sigh*

    So many things about that post that are just flat out not true.

    1.  It's not my guild.

    2.  When I joined the server you immediately started in on me.  I don't know about this history of "santis" or any of that noise.  In fact you and your guild kept accusing me of being someone I'm not.  

    3.  I have never said anything close to what you listed here.  In fact, there was a point when I didn't even consider you a bad person, then you just decided to make me the object of all your rage..  I even went 2 days without typing anything, then when I did you quickly started in on the insults and threats.  "Oh the mute didn't learn his lesson, tomorrow will be fun."  

    Most everything I say to you is along the lines of asking you to back off.  I've even tried to work out a way for us to work together, but you refuse and you keep acting like you do in this post. 

    You claim to be so many things, but in the end, you only show us that you are this person.


  4. agreed on c2b.  We'll see what help tab gets us, but, the longer it takes, the more people keep dropping out.  Side not, I did try the blacklist option, but I could still see everything they said.

  5. That was a sample taken from a video clip, it's all in the video that I will be sending via the help.

    And just fyi, on the robots, it's very possible.  Sometimes it glitches and you can see vip levels over the robots that are people, sometimes if you click someone and then click away it will show you their name.  And yes, that day "pikachu" killed me in robots 9 times.

  6. "Calling on other players to target someone is directly against the rules. I have seen nothing in the forum or chat that would cause an action here.  "

    Here is a screen shot of her offering reward to target me directly.

    I also have video recordings of her making other threats.  And no one called this topic together, it just happened probably because, like we've been saying, we are all tired of it.


  7. Belle, 

    Just wondering about these things I found in the game rules.

    Rules of the Game 

    Prohibited activities -

    1.1.3 - Creating obstructions for other users.

    1.1.8 - insults, threats, slander.

    1.1.10 - flooding, flaming, spam, all caps.

    1.1.15 - Any forms of discrimination

    2.3.1 - Discrimination towards inexperienced players (newbies). Misinformation, intimidation, mockery.

    2.3.3 - Performance of any actions that have a negative influence on the game development and image.

    2.3.4 - Other forms of behavior that hinder the normal game process which will be recognized as such by the administrator.

    2.3.24 - creating topics and/or messages in the game chats or forums aimed at provoking other users

    All things that are being done by the user Maleficent on S15.

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  8. So, when a player says in world chat that they are going to make sure that another player never get's a pirate, never gets gold from feast, and puts a reward to whoever can kill that player the most in the robot wars, and follows through with those threats,  that's part of game mechanics and not troll or grief play?

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  9. 3 hours ago, SarazinSky said:

    I have a query about a player who seems determined to alienate all other players and make the game redundant and unplayable.  If, by actions and chat, the players attitude causes almost all other players to dislike the player and removes game play experience and enjoyment, therefore causing some players to quit or boycott by not entering cross-server event of Call to Battle, what actions from administration can be done to come to a peaceful resolution?

    Have i got this query in the right heading? If not, i'm happy to create a separate petition in the correct area, so as to ascertain how many players within the game as a whole feel the same way.

    Thanks in advance for any response.


    I think anyone that reads this post knows exactly who SarazinSky is referring too.  Please take action!

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  10. I noticed that this was brought up before and then closed as resolved, but it's not fixed.  Can you please do something to allow us to see the damage done in Liberty Port Event?


    Here's a screen shot of the game showing the damage being covered by our names.