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  1. AstroDisc Bug

    I've been noticing for past few days that when I join a guild dungeon run, that the first person gets to use their astrodisc and after they die I don't get to use my astrodisc sometimes. I say sometimes because there are times where it allows me to and others where I can't, Can you explain this?
  2. About "Complaints"

    Honor lol, why don't you honor the fact when someone tells you why multiple governors are beneficial towards them, instead of being self absorbed in your own gains. I told you the point scale system, but it doesn't matter to you because you don't do points. If there was no benefit in it, than the makers of the game wouldn't designed each, key word each, governor as 2,000 points per kill. It simply would just been gold and a rune chest, and every kill after that provide nothing. What is nothing to you, is 2,000 points to someone else that finds that to be something. And far as tone goes I can't help that everyone on here seems to be intensely sensitive, this is who I am, how I speak, not changing who I am because you're not used to someone being honest. I've tried keep things as PG 13 as possible around here. Yet to get in an actual argument or go off on someone, so if this is considered "bad tone" than I don't know what to tell ya. Not going be oppressed by people to not talk because they don't like what I have to say, yet tolerate everything they have to say. Here to play the game and win, not a popularity contest, can't be liked by all, I am by liked by enough, but least you said it correctly, you know what to expect, so don't need address it every conversation then. Have a good day. And I don't wonder why people snipe me, I adapted to it. I'm simply indicating taking multiple governors benefits players who do it.
  3. About "Complaints"

    Edward is doing what most players that take multiple governors are doing, maxing his rewards; which he's entitled to do.  This entire naming each player every other day or week or what not, with reputation of "serial gov killer", and trying to make it so taboo isn't a staff issue to be honest.  It's simply, general public outrage of their own sense of want and needs.  You want gold and a rune from a gov kill, "serial gov killers" want 20 courage medals, both parties are entitled to what it is they desire for rewards, that is why Call of Battle is a free for all.  Have to look at it from double perspective, on one side you have the players that want to run around being friendly to one another, aide/help in getting a single gov kill for a gold/runes and don't care about maxed courage medals. On the other side, you have players that don't want to run around being friendly to one another, aide/help in getting single gov kills because they don't care about gold/runes, they want courage medals. You have two different rewards, for two different sides, that go about it in methods that contradict the others. And before you all jump to conclusion and go, well you can do that with a battle target during double points, no you can't, anyone whose done that knows full well you will not receive first place at the end of the day doing battle targets. It's a free for all event, cross server event, where everyone realistically is trying to get the most out of it themselves, whatever ideally that may be, sometimes that ideally just conflicts with each others own personal goals, doesn't mean your wanting gold and runes is anymore entitled than his wanting maxed score points for courage medals.  Now, let's put this into simple format for a moment. Edward can try and compete with Oringo on player killing. So what does that mean? Well, that means Oringo attacks who he pleases and instantly gets a full maxed score no questions for his original moves, not even needing to buy gold for extra moves and odds are he's going to get there first, which makes him in first place unless someone bought a move to pass him or some how got there before him. Now, let's say that happens, now it's turned into a battle of the gold match, where you're now spending gold to buy moves to out do Oringo and who ever else is player killing that days score. So Edward has to compete on a now, money scale with Oringo, simply because you all want him to not get many gov's as he wants. A player kill is worth 600 points, a gov kill during that time is worth 2,000 points. If you're going for points, it's not very hard to understand why a point gathering person wants as many gov's as possible. Now, let's say it's not during double points, that's still 1,000 points to Oringo's max of 600 per kill. Do the math, not hard figure out few extra gov kills passes out Oringo, or anyone in first for that matter who simply just wanted to do player killing method.  Point being you all keep looking at those of us that take multiple governors as "depriving rewards", instead of the facts, which is Gov kills are worth more points at the end of the day for score rewards. Oringo can easily take 70 gov's if he wanted to sit around wait all day camp, great good for him, he doesn't, does that mean those that can get away with taking 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 don't for the extra points to pass him on score rewards, that's what the games about at end day, rewards and maxing those rewards. Just because someone is maxing their rewards against another player, isn't depriving, because by that logic, you're telling people to deprive themselves for your gains, which can easily be said same for you, deprive yourself for their gain. When boils down to it, you need fine a way to max your rewards as other players are doing, that's why it's a free for all. At end day can only be 1 person in 1st on the score board. There's 10 spots, Edward's trying get best spot he can, any means he can, that doesn't make it a staff problem, the guy's playing the game to win.
  4. About "Complaints"

    Oh one last thing. This is clearly evidence as to why Server 15 needs a GM and has been long over due for one, badly. Thank you. 
  5. About "Complaints"

    Pretty sure I wrote my post as Pg 13 as possible, secondly I already indicated I am not helping in events, because it's my choice. Showing a screen shot of what I just posted means what exactly? I do not have to help anyone with anything on that server if I don't want to, that's what you all clearly refuse to understand, it's my choice, my character, my decision just because you dislike it doesn't suddenly magically change the rules to your satisfaction. Learn to play the game like everyone else, and in by doing so, master the mechanics of the game, and in by doing so, defeat your opponent, stop wasting the staff's time that you can't beat someone on the game, simply as that. I am done with this topic. 
  6. About "Complaints"

    Bottom line is this. Melek and his guild can't beat me, at anything. They can't take nor secure pirates of my choosing. They can't sit at table 1 on the boat or remove me from it.  They can't secure as many Governor kills as me. They get spawn camped in Call of Battle, not only by me, but other player killers too.  They can't hold the high treasure ground hunting area in the game. A member of their guild isn't first in the Arena.  I refuse to help them during heaven tower event against bosses. Can kill anyone without dieing in Robot event. And for the life of them, they can not accept being inferior on a server to another player/guild. Why? Because, when server 15 first began their guild "VIP" recruited players from another guild called Santis. Oh yeah, life was good then wasn't it? Got to be in my position now weren't ya? Taking all the pirates from my guild members? Winning guild battles, holding it for 3-4 days on end? Members mocking and insulting how weak players in my guild were.  Taking both tables at the boat as their guild just sat there laughing it up spinning the dial making us hop around like rabbits table to table just to get a piece of cake.  Spam killing us in robots and bragging.  Joining my guild members on purpose in Team Dungeon runs just to leave 2-3 rounds in to purposefully troll the run hoping they didn't reach to level 30.  Getting new players to remake accounts to join dark instead of light convincing them they get more reward buff/bonus's by doing so hoping to maintain power.  Hogging all three of the treasuregrounds for their guild when they only used two of the three.  Hitting me last minute at treasure ground and arena to get better rewards, in hopes I didn't get any.  One hitting the boss at Heaven's Tower and running off, wanting everyone else to do the work on killing it, so their guild can get green stones, and a cheap method of gaining access to skill chests.   Going to tell a story then do it correctly, don't play victim, everything you complain about my doing, was done to my guild all of December early January. You're just all mad that I became strong enough to not only do it 10 fold, but adapted, became better at it than any of you, smarter, better master mind at playing this game to put my guild/character and all those that needed it ahead that you once deprived them of for so long; without cheating like some. What burns you is that you can't do anything about it, because I am too strong to be stopped, so your desperate attempt is to contact Bell in hopes to have the player you hounded, mocked, harassed, bullied, insulted, deprived day after day for six weeks is now superior to you in every way shape and form possible that this game has to offer in each micro mechanical level is just sickening.   You couldn't keep my guild down by bullying them off so what's you try to do? Recruit the new players. That didn't work, so what'd you try to do? Cheeky little insults daily, they still stayed strong and kept fighting and playing, all it did was run off your own guild. That didn't work what'd you do? Try your dirty cheap game play tricks as previously mentioned, that I beat you at every turn possible. That didn't work, you cried wolf on CoB to whole world, using my taking multi gov's to fuel the range of other players who had different means, to join your cause of your next attempt, of complaining to admins, because you can't win? This is just sad.  "Credit card warrior wah wah wah. Oh Ashley go cut your wrist. Oh Ashley go play with your dads gun.  Oh you'll never be strong as Oringo haha. Oh go dump another 10,000 gold maybe you'll stand a chance.  Oh maybe if we kill your guild members and they complain to you enough you'll learn.  Oh everyone stop talking to her, shun her like a leopard ; shun shun shun ; oh you're a gremlin, couch potato, get a life, oh your family disowned you poor little orphan girl, go use daddy's credit card some more, oh no one loves you, wow you have no life, you must be a real loner, no one likes you just do world favor end your life, why don't you just quit everyone would be better off without you, oh you'll never get as strong as me blah blah blah, so long as i can i will snipe you at every low gov, spawn camp you use all my moves specifically for only you, hey everyone Ashley is at this location gov let's all band together troll kill her for shits and giggles, hey everyone move out the way so we can kill her please."  Yeah little taste of what I deal with daily for past two months from you and your little friends. What's difference between us? I don't go off reporting it every single day, I suck it up, get stronger and deal with my problems in the game. Try it sometime. I don't care if I am liked, but guess what I am strong enough to play the game better than you and that's what burns most you. So keep trying to convince the admin's you're all so innocent and poor Maleficent is bullying us and people are quitting, losing money. Instead of fact you can't face that you were once a superior guild and now inferior and don't hold the torch and yet burns. I deal with being bashed every single day every hour on here by you and your gang, funny part is I told you guys long time ago your harassment, 'spam attacking me' wasn't going to drive me off, make me 'change what you so called disliked about me at the time' and that sooner or later I will be bigger than most of you. Now, oh funny, it's all coming to light and you're pissed as hell and want Bell to save you, why because your methods all didn't work on everyone gang up and beat the pika? Interesting . I'm going to continue to take what pirates I feel like, sit on boat, kill who I want in robots many times as I want, take many govs as I want, spawn kill, snipe kill. Because it's within my realm to do so, don't like it, oh well, we're all free to play the way we want. But if you're going to try and get me banned, tell the whole story not just the parts that make you all look so innocent. 
  7. Recruitment of Game chat moderators

    1. Your nickname in the game Maleficent 2. Your brawser MMO RPG game experience Gaming online from 1999-2017 in various games, World of Warcraft, Runescape Classic, Runescape 2, Runescape 3d, Rscemulation, Elysium-rpg, Land of never ending war, Aardwolf, guns and magic.  Was a chat and player mod on RSCE, Forum mod on runescape.tip.it, chat, player mod, admin assistant on Elysium, Admin, Builder, and Coder on Land of Never Ending War. 3. Main server, that you play on, and additional servers S15: Revenant & S7: Twilight 4. Why do you want to be Game chat moderator I've been in many leadership role positions in games both as player or staff, never once had it taken away from an abusive of power.  I'm responsible and take those positions and any future positions I acquire in my gaming career as serious and give it my all.  I'm impartial towards all, show no judgement nor am I biased in any form when conducting duties that pertain to staffing a game.  One thing I've learned throughout playing games that I also mod on, is to not let my personal gaming experience be clouded by the people in question when a decision is to be made in a negative consequence that I've learned to separate what goes on in game character vs character, for staff vs player which I feel isn't something you can teach mods over night and requires a lot of experience to prevent abuse of power to those who had feuds prior to coming into staff power.  I've no need to abuse powers for friends as I've seen people coming into staff positions do later on, no grudges or vengeance; with this I feel I'd be one of the most fair mods this games ever had.   While tensions are high it's impartial as the staffing member to keep their cool, even under the heat and scrutiny of people ganging up on a decision that is biased due to their guild mate or friends receiving the according punishment that staff deems worthy of delivering. Being able to explain things with a clear, level head and be impartial to all. I have the deserve effect to help other players, especially those that are new in order to help the game strive in player base so that their fun experience can be advertised to friends and family causing a ripple effect so the game as a whole can show growth. My having spent countless hours, days, weeks, months on here has equipped my personal knowledge of the game on a macro and micro scale which has me able to answer to the best of my knowledge any and all questions from players presented before me, those that I don't know the answer to, I would try my best to find the answer and contact them at my earliest convenience an update about the question.  Personally I feel that there needs to be a couple more GM's for not only world events, but at least 1 if not 2 per server to maintain the peace by server with impartial treatment as well with so many new servers rapidly coming and new players pouring in everyday everywhere. This game has shown great potential over in Russia with over 60 servers, on the raise in EU and I most certainly in America, so would like to be part of the successful team that helps the American servers flourish in the years to come. 5. A little info about yourself, what do you do, what do you like and etc. I am a Mental Health Counselor that works with Special needs children. Received my Bachelors degree in Sociology at Florida State. Received my masters degree in Psychoanalysis at NYGSP in New York. Working on my MD at NYU to become a Psychiatrist. I enjoy shopping, have an addicting love for video gaming, beaches, the mall, movies, gymnastics, watching movies.  6. Approximate time of day in which you can monitor game chats Whilst finishing my last degree I am taking time off from work to play Guns and Magic full time, so on between 11:00 AM Eastern - 2:00 AM Eastern. On Call of battle between 12:00 Eastern-11:30 PM Eastern aside from event timing.  7. Your nickname in Skype gunsandmagic.maleficent@gmail.com 8. Your Gmail address (others won't fit) gunsandmagic.maleficent@gmail.com   Staff feel free to contact me about any question or concerns related to my application, I am free to answer anything best to my ability, look forward to hearing from you. P.S. My gaming e-mail to log in is different than the gmail provided, due to indicating that it stated '(others won't fit), if required the one I log into the game from, let me know.