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  1. If they want people to spend Gold, they should swap the Masters Hearts for Breakout Stones...because those are nearly impossible to get in the game...
  2. Roulette of Fortune

    Never mind, will have to clear cache to see changes...
  3. Roulette of Fortune

    Just to be clear here, I have had OVER 30 Null spins, at 20G a piece, which amounts to 600 plus Gold.  I'm not even sure the 5 Coins of Luck are even worth ONE SINGLE Roulette spin.  I have not accepted these and they are still in my inventory, as I feel accepting them would amount to me thinking the compensation is suitable...
  4. Roulette of Fortune

    Neoma - Thank you for sending my information into Crea to have the issue looked at.  I have received compensation for the issue, however the compensation is not the returned GOLD that all of us that have been cheated from while playing Roulette.  Instead, they sent 5 Coins of Luck, which is unacceptable...This is NOT a reflection on you in the least, you have done more for this issue than anyone else has.  I'm just highlighting Creas inability to properly compensate their players or provide proper support to a multi million dollar game...
  5. Roulette of Fortune

    Although, I have my doubts about any resolution, I appreciate that the issue is being investigated.  I have screenshots for a majority of the days, but others I just gave up due to lack of response... Zeva Klub ID 8589942528 Server 2
  6. Roulette of Fortune

    Insane.  I have a feeling youre more likely to get hit by lightning than get anything outta of the game...
  7. That would mean the Crea developers would actually have to use their brains and think about the game and create something...Youre giving them too much credit...
  8. Roulette of Fortune

    Another day of Nulls...When are you going to acknowledge this post and actually do something about it?!?  
  9. Congrats Freya on beating the game!  Time to find another one to play!
  10. Does it really matter what theyve gotten, if we have NOTHING and are getting NOTHING.  Crea wont even come on the Forums and comment...
  11. Roulette of Fortune

    Make sure you include the Character name, date and time.  Otherwise, I can guarantee theyll just say they can't confirm if its new, old or even your account...(IF they were going to do anything)  
  12. Roulette of Fortune

    Just keep ignoring these posts...I'm building a case against you with Facebook........
  13. Roulette of Fortune

    Another 160G wasted on Nulls!  This is complete bullshit!  You need to reimburse me for all the Gold I have lost through the NULL shit on your game!!!
  14. Roulette of Fortune

    Also, what am I going to do with a Level 7 Challenge Card?  You don't have Level 6 heros yet?!?