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  1. all in game chats broken

    nothing yet guess it wont be till mon or tuesday so i will be mute over the weekend ehehe just annoying when people in guild want help and i am typing invite me and forget they cant see me lol
  2. all in game chats broken

    guess it dont work in CTB either lol bangs head against a wall
  3. all in game chats broken

    yup really weird and frustrating at the moment still no reply from support though
  4. all in game chats broken

    yeah thats me k ill send this to them strange though right
  5. all in game chats broken

    s11 awakened and no pm guild team world and camp it shows me type and post from my end but nobody can see me only reason i noticed was because my friend told me on fb
  6. for some reason for the past 36hr all my in game chats are not working world/guild/team guessing all of them not sure if anyone else had this issue but nobody can see me chat everyone thinks im being ignorant when they speak to me lol can anyone help me out with this
  7. what gives that shield around heros like circle things "lol" is it the card system or is it a skill / passive skill