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  1. Recruitment of Game chat moderators

    1.  My in-game nickname is Sarazin Sky. 2.  I have experience in a multitude of MMORPGs spanning 10+ years, too many to list, but only play Guns and Magic full-time recently. 3.  My main server is S8.  I had a couple of accounts on later servers, but no longer play on them, focusing on one account. 4.  I want to be a game chat moderator primarily for cross-server events such as Call to Battle and Mysterious Islands, but also in server.  Being Australian helps me to be active when other GMs aren't due to time zone difference.  I like to help people with game information and also to help make the game more fun for all involved.  I have spent over a year playing Guns and Magic and have learnt a lot about the game, its events, and its mechanics which i believe can be a great asset to newer players.  My training and experience in management roles helps me to be impartial and professional, which i believe can also be of great benefit to the gaming community. 5.  I have spent 25+ years travelling around Australia working in a lot of different industries.  My main focus is Hospitality Specialist, working in all areas including management, casinoes, and so forth.  I have recently changed to a full-time live-in disability support carer.  I love strategy games, computers, martial arts training, most sports, and any time i get to spend with family. 6.  My most actives times are from 13:00 to 02:00 game time.  Working from home allows me greater amount of play time. 7.  Skype name is Anthony Bassing or anthony_basing3@hotmail.com 8.  SarazinSky5@gmail.com
  2. Game Rules Location

    thanks Belle, much appreciated.  
  3. Just a query, if someone was looking for a full copy of the game rules as they apply to Guns and Magic, where would they find them located? I have been accused of breaking the rules supposedly in CTB and  a copy of said rules would help my game play to make sure i'm doing the right things.   Thank you for any assistance to this matter.
  4. About "Complaints"

    You are mentioning situations happening in Server 15.  I, and a lot of other players are not from your server, nor are we privy to what goes on there.  My concern is what you do and how you do it in cross-server events.  Your choice of actions that seem to have spilled out from problems on your server to an area where all servers and the community mix. It is your attitude and how you conduct yourself that is alienating almost everyone and to clarify, this is not about banning, but coming to a peaceful resolution, so everyone in the gaming community has the same chance to play the game in relative peace and enjoyment.  That is something that you seem to delight in trying to dismantle.  I have had my words with you in PM as you have had the same with me.  That is done with. I don't have an answer for the problems in Server 15, you will need an unbiased G.M. to solve that situation.   How about we try something different.  What would be your suggestion for a peaceful answer?, where everyone gets to play as they wish without taking away enjoyment or gameplay, at least in cross server areas?.
  5. About "Complaints"

    Being a guild leader on S8, i will defer to your wise judgement Belle.  I will also ask that all of my fellow guild members refrain from targeting Maleficent or engaging in conversation with her.  Thanks again.
  6. About "Complaints"

    Thank you very much Belle for your attention to this problem. It truly is appreciated.   As for those on S15. You can block or boycott this player by not helping her guild in general with things like Team Dungeons and Exchange of Power. Communicating with other guilds about doing the same thing may be of great benefit as well.  You could also offer members to join other guilds and distance themselves from such a player.  I wouldn't hold my breathe on her changing her attitude much, but you never know, we may come to a positive solution that way, for the betterment of the entire Guns and Magic gaming community.   Here's hoping...
  7. About "Complaints"

    I have a query about a player who seems determined to alienate all other players and make the game redundant and unplayable.  If, by actions and chat, the players attitude causes almost all other players to dislike the player and removes game play experience and enjoyment, therefore causing some players to quit or boycott by not entering cross-server event of Call to Battle, what actions from administration can be done to come to a peaceful resolution? Have i got this query in the right heading? If not, i'm happy to create a separate petition in the correct area, so as to ascertain how many players within the game as a whole feel the same way. Thanks in advance for any response.  
  8. In shrines, there shows a possible rank up upgrade from GD4 shrines (Frost - min level 120) to GD5 shrines (Plague - min level 140).  The information shows to access the new shrines via Guild Dungeon trophies, written exactly the same as other shrine scrolls.  My guild in server 7 has completed all possible areas in GD4 - Natures Altar.  There is no access to a higher version of Guild Dungeon.  How do we open it to be able to access the higher leveled scrolls? With no new challenges like the next levels of Remnants of Magic or Guild Dungeon the game is becoming redundant for many who have invested much time and money. Please assist with any information on these areas and the further enjoyment of the game. Thank you in advance...
  9. Call to Battle

    I have spoken directly with a few players while in Call to Battle and other people are suffering from the same problem for the last few days.  The glitch/problem does not arise when attacking a governor or normal watchman/guard, only the elite guards or "Captain of the Watch".  
  10. Call to Battle

    Is anyone having glitches with attacking large guards in Call to Battle? When I attack a "Captain of the Watch/Guard" in call to battle, i make through the fight with a win easily enough, but after that fight i cannot click on anything else to fight it whether it be a player, governor or another guard.  The only way to solve this problem recently is to exit and reenter constantly throughout the day. Is there a possibility to include a skip function in these battles to bypass this problem?
  11. Remnants of Magic

    thanks. much appreciated
  12. I have completed level 50 of the first stage of remnants. The next stage has minimum required level to use their equipment (purple/marine ruins) of 90 which I have now reached. Yet the 2nd stage of remnants cannot be accessed at the moment and displays a "please wait" message. What have I missed to be able to access this stage/area?
  13. Game Clock

    I have a problem with the current game clock.  Yesterday it has put itself out of sync to the daily missions by an hour.  I can now no longer access any daily missions.  I have sent 3 messages through the "help" option with no response.  At least 1 other member from my guild is suffering from the same problem, yet others are not. My server is 7 twilights.  My player name is SarazinSky.  The other guild members name is Ravers. How does this problem get fixed?