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  1. Lost pixies

    Hi, good day to you all. Unfortunately I have not received your response. As I stated in my second message,  Game name: Sunny, server: S8 Inferno. I repeat I have received NO response from you, and it's ok, no worries,I have let that go, I just bought again the pixies I lost, I used market cash, is really not a big deal, I should've not even bother you with this. I understand you have more serious problems with other bugs. I just bought the pixies again and lvl'em up again,  no problem. I just hope that don't happen again. it took me  some time to recover the BR I lost.  Anyway, thank you for your response. Have a good day.
  2. Lost pixies

    well, they have access to all my activity log, so...   I did ask for help using the help tab and, just like I was told, no response yet, and I understand why, I'm not VIP, haven't spent no money at all on this game, so, why bother on helping me.  This topic can be closed now. I know I won't get any help Thanks Belle Irlan for your advice.
  3. Lost pixies

    Hi. No, no switching heroes and no titles neither. Someone in game told me that I should just let it go, that if I'm not VIP I will not get any help on this, so I think I will just forget about it, I might just be wasting my time on this.
  4. Lost pixies

    Correction:  Server S8 Inferno
  5. Lost pixies

    Hello, I hope this is the right section for this. about an hr ago, I refreshed my browser right after the reset and I noticed my BR was around 10K lower, started looking around and found  that 2 purple pixies were missing: PATK and MATK, I can't say what level were they because I honestly don't remember but what Im sure is that I lost 10K BR, more or less.  As I said, before I refreshed the browser everything was right, I even didn't open pixies all day at all. They just dissapeared, just like that.  I hope you can investigate a little about it.  If there's nothing you can do, please, at least let me know here and there will be no problem, I will keep working around a way to increment my BR again. Thank you for your attention. Game name: Sunny Server 7