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  1. about guild

    Hi, Guild rank elite and veteran just a position given by guild leader . only guild leader and deputy had the right to kick players and to accept players joining guild.  hope this helps    Thanks    
  2. Modifying Wings

      Modify means u choose which wing to display at your character . 
  3. hi, there is no exact amount , it always depends on your luck in the boosting. thats why you will only get the estimation of the feathers require to boost it.  As long your wing had reaches +7, it will be a permanent. and for subscribe after expiry , it will cost you 100 gold for another 7 days.   

    Yes, Belle is correct. Is a rare drop. Is either you get 3 item or 1 armor drop. 

    For Every Players information, Elemental Magic of Renmants Stage 2 is now available. If you are not visible yet, please clear your cache and flash files.  Thank You Enjoy the Game   
  6. About "Complaints"

    Hello guys , Please stop this topic for now. As mention, Belle will look into this matter. Thank You   Cheers
  7. Guide

    Please do not believe on what others is sharing. All merges of server if there is any will be shared out by the game at Facebook Page and Forum. Any other information that you obtain from other party is not valid. Please bear in mind that this is a RPG PVP game. The monster hunt is a challenge for you to complete, it is a part of competition and challenge for players to compete.  These type of event can be found in most all of the RPG game. Thanks
  8. I can't launch the game through FB

    For any players without computer knowledge , it would be easier if we just guide them to clear the cache at the below few location and this should solve the cache issue for this game For Windows : Control Panel : Flash Player  Delete all the data and details in the Flash Settings  Internet Explorer - Clear All the History and Cache browsing and please ensure you does not tick the Preserve when you delete all the data and details For Chrome / Any other browser - You can go to setting and clear all the browsing data or reset your browser  For Chrome - ensure you does not sync back your old data if you are connected with your internet account for cache and history stored in cloud For OSX / Apple : Safari : You can reset the Safari and delete all the history and data preferences  Either, players can try to run the game on private browsing or incognito  Hope it helps and thank you  If your problem still persist , you can always use the Help Features in the Game and write to our support team for further investigation and assist you. Have Fun and Enjoy !    
  9. I can't launch the game through FB

    Hi,  Any specific error when you are launching the game ?  Can you provide any screen shot ?  By that, we will be further assist you    Thanks  
  10. Secret Arsenal

    Yes , each small bouquet of flowers will give you some dimes, 1-3 roses and some gold.  Others are all apply the same as those medium and large bouquet will be converted to small bouquet . Thanks
  11. High Levels

      Every online game have their own factors and method of calculation, WOW or any other RPG game may not the having the same method in here. And although all RPG games may have the basic of calculation in it but there is always other factors in the calculation method.  We should not use other games damage calculation as a reference and that may not applies in here.  thanks
  12. Game Advice

    Steadfastness Passive skill is unpredictable when will it be activated. Titanic form is apply only for character which is your main. Steadfastness apply for the whole team.  if opponent cant hit you with a fatal blow left 1% health, the steadfastness skill wont be useful and if you are not able to kill the opponent in the 1st round , you wont have any benefit with it still.  Yet, the skill always stack with your damage you can deal and the defensive of your team.     
  13. Game Advice

    Hi Decap, For me, i would choose the Wing instead of hero . But i would only activate it when i have sufficient of feathers. Because red hero is much more preferable to use compare to orange.  And hero damage is depends on your armor , gems and runes and other materials  equipped with that hero.      
  14. Game Advice

    Hi ,  For which you want , the choice is yours. We can only provide the information and details about those 2 differences.  Flame Dust is team stats skill for HP and CRIT . And it cost around 1000 feathers to upgrade till +7 to make for permanent. And each renewal cost is 100 gold for 7 days if you couldn't make it to permanent yet.    Von Hammer 5 star hero for Orange had additional skill for MATK 10% and increment of attack and Health The Stun skill only will be cast for more than 1 enemy , if 1 on 1, the stun skill wont be cast.  If you transform to red, it will have MATK 15% and increment of attack and health too.  Hope it helps and enjoy.   Thanks  
  15. Recruitment of Game chat moderators

    1. Your nickname in the game: Joe Kruf 2. Your brawser MMO RPG game experience: Had played worldwide RPG online game and working experience as GM in Gameflier company - Asia Online Gaming Company  3. Main server, that you play on, and additional servers: S1  4. Why do you want to be Game chat moderator: To help others and to enhance the game features and future development 5. A little info about yourself, what do you do, what do you like and etc.: Im Andrew, Asian , mostly working and after work online gaming. 6. Approximate time of day in which you can monitor game chats: I prefer Asian timezone from 7 to 12 at weekdays and weekend is anytime. 7. Your nickname in Skype: andrewsoo83 8. Your Gmail address (others won't fit): andrewscweng@gmail.com  Like this