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  1. I wish we could actually just do an item flow or gift flow which included gold costs, and the actual full scope of what's included.  I don't see them going out of their way to offer it proactively, but nonetheless I'd love to somehow get that on this forum.  I realize some of the terminology is reversed, sort of like "current buff, previous buff," and what not, but the Level 4 Rune set "double your stats" was a little misleading.  Good thing I held back on that one!  I read somewhere else those things stack UP TO LEVEL 3, meaning beyond level 3... it's best to not combine them.  Need to find some actual conclusive wording for it, but that's my take on it thus far.  I'd buy every single last one of those bundles if they had things like Server Launch Event Steed Steak/Fish/Chicken/etc., or if they had a way to get Breakout Stones, Low/Mid/ Refinement Gifts, Passive Skill Chest, RED/Yellow Pixies, or even just a big fat pile of coupons!  Very strange to keep including XP Potions in them.  Who knows, maybe we could eventually see a low-cost high-content bundle that lets us feed the Tree?  Ya know? 
  2. Good point, I've been buying and selling or churnin'-and-burnin' 1 and 2 star heroes since I began playing the game.  I figured "why not?," but at this point the Hero Points/Spirit is critically important.  I really don't want to buy the stones in that store, nor do I want to buy things like the EXP Potions.  I've already got enough to start my own potion store, lol, but the point remains.  You're right about the Market... as long as you one'sy two'sy it and don't get impulsive, it's a great way to accumulate them. Thanks again.  Couldn't click "like" because I've apparently liked 10 of your posts today, already.
  3. Call to Battle

    We*   I'll follow-up if I find out! Edit --> I've kept an eye on those things and have not noticed any different phraseology.  Uh oh Joe's nearby gotta skate... lol 
  4. Call to Battle

    Right on.  "War Has Broken Out?," you mean?
  5. Call to Battle

    Precisely.  You truly said it right there.  At risk of being a whiner, I really hate when so much of a gamer's success in an event is predicated on how willing they are to sit there with a finger poised over a mouse. 
  6. Call to Battle

    Thank you again.  Yeah, I didn't even know about the double thing.  Many players that know about these things like to stay tight-lipped about it.  Conversely, I like to spread it around.  Competitions only good and fun when it's fair!
  7. Call to Battle

    I'd remove the "only" from your last sentence;  you're on FIRE today with the answers, and I want to thank you for that. I hit the 30 / 30 but BARELY.  I literally have to go from one to another from the start of the event, and as frequently as physically possible in and between. This precludes me from trying for 4-star challenge cards (10:00am Rare Monsters/Incubi,) and I miss lots of Pirate Treasure. Factoring in unforeseen defeats (spawn kills from enemy players,) (mis-clicks on players if you "Hide Players,") recharge/resupply, etc., it can be done but it's extremely difficult, I'm finding.  I just noticed as we speak, since the Call To Battle event is firing-up, that the guards (Bandit, etc.,) in the white-flagged or unclaimed areas are a lot easier to defeat.  However, the players are swarming in since it's the kick-off of the day's event.  FYI. Re: Bosses/Governors, yeah, I figured the kill reward was probably why.  I must admit it is kind of a raw deal to work as a team to whittle the guy's health down, only to have the actual prize reward to go to 1 guy who just sat there and camped, then opportunistically clicked.  Come on!   
  8. Passive skills

    Excellent, thank you again.  Hopefully this can get added to a Guide of some kind, or perhaps pinned;   I've seen many people asking about this, and I do know for certain that it's a common area of confusion/questions.   WE ALL WANT THEM, that's probably why! 
  9. Cool thank you for clarifying!  I wish we could see, start-to-finish, what is truly included. You probably already know in advance, I'm sniffing around for Breakout Stones and things like that, or perhaps bundles of Formation Stones / Essence of Fashion, stuff that's way too pricy on a "one'sy two'sy" buying basis.  Part of me was also hoping "Five level ___ Special Gifts" meant Refinement Gifts
  10. Call to Battle

    Not sure if this is actually the right thread for discussion about Call to Battle, but has it been discovered or made known yet... about the Guards? Sometimes much weaker, and more realistic/easy to kill Guards appear.  However, most of the time, they're VERY lengthy battles and frequently easy to lose.  Elf Captain, Guard Captain, or something like that.  To clarify, I'm asking how to know or anticipate when the other guards are going to appear.  Very difficult to reach the goal at the rate I'm going!     Side question:  I've also seen a lot of players with insane, like crazy-high figures and kill streaks, and other point rankings.  Is it true that one could actually earn 300+ prize gold in one day's worth of Call to Battle?  Everyone seems to say something different, so I figured I'd ask to find out for certain.  Again, sorry if this isn't the best or most appropriate area to ask about the specifics.  So far, it appears to be more of a bug-reporting thread.
  11. I took a look at Secret Arsenal, and saw "Heavenrenderer"-graded items.  They are VERY expensive!  Pretty sure that's the one that comes after Twilight gear.  FYI in the event you had not noticed!   
  12. Hello, This is a difficult question to put into simple phrasing so I'll include a screenshot. Under "Recommended," the "Gifts for Leveling Up" area has a bunch of options.  I've purchased them before, and vaguely remember having a time-sensitive gift within the gift, if you will.  I had a couple questions about this. 1.)  The total cost in Gold.  To obtain the gift, and the 2nd one (inside of it,) by my math it is:  299 + 388 = 687 gold for both gifts.  Is this correct? 2.)  What does "5 Level 50 Special Gifts" cover, or what are the items that they are talking about there? Thank you, in advance,
  13. Passive skills

    Thanks for making a thread about this. Does a Passive Skill have to actually be fully upgraded to be useable?  For example, I have Indominable Spirit at 20%, which I got thanks to a Passive Skills Chest.   Perhaps I'm confused because I'm not level 90 yet.  The grayed-out icons are what have me wondering.   
  14. Breakthrough Stones

    I was hoping I was missing something and there was a way to get them other than the pond! I did notice they're in the VIP Bundles, but getting to level 7 and 8 is quite a stretch!   I'm at 6 myself, now, and really need one for each Formation building/slot.  Was also hoping to tap-into the Red or even Yellow Pixie topic as well.  102 Event Medals but need 300!  :-O

    You're right.  Lately, though, that Break-Defense thing sure looks attractive, especially when one doesn't have it!! I just hit 80+ on one server, but am trying to be more calculated and avoid the same mistakes on another.  I'm finding that if one doesn't preponderate the Pirate Treasure each & every time, or simply have super-open availability for any/all events, it's a big gap to fill.  Thanks for replying