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  1. There's only one other topic on how much it takes to make wings permanent and it doesn't involve crystalline wings. Within the responses an estimate of 1,000-1,200 but it's mentioned that is specifically for one kind. Do different kinds of wings take different amounts to level up enough to make permanent? I have 100 pieces for crystalline wings, 259 feathers, and 740 wing stones. I plan to try to get as many "medals of honour" as I can so I can buy more if I need to but I don't know if I'm even close. I have over 150 chests from heavenly tower too but I have no idea if those are relevant to making the wings permanent.  Thanks in advance for any helpful information you may have for me 
  2. Starting fury points

    Thank you!! 
  3. My fury points were at 32 when I started every round, it was great! Then suddenly I am down to 8 starting fury points at every round and it is not great.  How can I get my starting fury points back up?